Welfare-workshop on stunning at Karabük abattoir, Turkey

These photos are from Karabük slaughterhouse in Turkey where an EonA team, with the help of Haytap, held a welfare-worshop today. EonA educated the staff and some of the owners of cattle present about how a captive bolt stunner works and why rendering the animals unconscious first before slaughter reduces a lot of the pain and fear the animals go through. Asalet also explained that stunning animals first is more in line with the teachings of the Muslim faith than causing additional unnecessary suffering, as seen during slaughter of fully conscious animals. There were three animals there, and three owners were present. One of the owners requested post-stunning, one wanted his animal to be stunned first but sadly the third owner was against stunning so his animal was slaughtered while fully conscious and sentient. It is a slow process to break down the traditions and myths in Turkey but Asalet is doing his best. People present definitely saw the difference stunners make to the level of suffering the animals endure. Slowly more and more people are convinced and are accepting stunning. Afterwards the team was invited on live television to talk about it !