Follow-up inspection of Baskent slaughterhouse in Ankara, Turkey

Today the EonA/AWF team and Dr. Ellen Eser from BSI Schwarzenbek visited Baskent slaughterhouse in Sincan, Ankara for the second time. The first time we had been there was in October 2014. We were really pleased to see that the slaughterhouse indeed put many of our suggestions into practice. They covered the lairage with a roof. The animals are now protected against adverse weather effects and there are no shadows anymore in the waiting area, what makes it easier to drive the animals. The lateral protection of the raceway towards the slaughter-hall is now solid so that the animals walk easier in the right direction as there are no scary distractions.


Additionally they installed anti-mounting bars above the raceway to prevent the animals from mounting each other, which had caused bruising and stress in the past. Above the restraint box they installed a bright new lamp which enlightens the entrance of the slaughterhouse. This also eases calm handling as animals naturally move towards lit-up areas.


All these improvements were made after they received our report last year. It took them only one day to install all of these changes and they told us that it did not cost them much money at all and they can really see the advantages. The animals move more calmly. There are still other improvements to make, but this is a very good beginning and we would like to thank Baskent slaughterhouse for taking action. They can be proud.