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They are many companies that produce equipment for slaughterhouses. Here are some where you can find various restraining-boxes to avoid live hoisting, as well as anti-slip floor material, solid panels to make sides of raceway solid and other equipment. They can also provide advice to you, about correct use and installation of the equipment.

Remember… Having proper equipment is only half-way to success in reducing suffering – get your personnel also trained in animal behaviour and humane handling and appoint one employee as Animal Welfare Supervisor who keeps an eye on the welfare level of the plant and stays on top of newest ideas to improve welfare.


Country: based in Turkey but can sell internationally. Specialized now in upright restraint box for Middle East and North Africa to be used with pre-stunning.
Website: www.helmaksmakine.com
Info: murat@helmaksmakine.com


Country: Belgium but can deliver and provide advice for companies abroad.
Website: www.vcons.be
Info: info@vcons.be

TERMET – specialized in captive bolt pistols (penetrating and non-penetrating) and equipment for improving workers´ safety

Country: based in France but can sell everywhere around the world, including Turkey.
Website: www.termet.fr
Info: commercial@termet.fr (English, French, Turkish and other languages)


Country: Head-office is in The Netherlands but work all over the world (Turkey included).
Website: www.mps-group.nl
Contact: m.krabben@mps-group.nl


Country: Germany but can deliver and provide advice for companies abroad.
Website: www.banss.de

United Kingdom, Middle East, Africa and Oceania
Mr. Briel

China, India and South Korea
Mr. Muth

Japan, South-East Asia
Mr. Heck

North America
M. Politis