Train your personnel

There are several very good institutions that offer welfare-trainings for slaughterhouse personnel. In these trainings farm animal-behaviour, correct animal handling and restraint and humane slaughter techniques are taught.

In Turkey the VHSD (Veterinary Public Health and Social Activities) offers trainings in the Turkish language. The trainings are linked with the British Royal Society for the Protection of Animals.
You can send a request by email to:

The BSI Schwarzenbek (Training and Consultancy Institute for animal welfare at transport and slaughter), located in northern Germany offers trainings in slaughter. Eventually you can order a training where they send trainers to your location, even if you are not located in Germany. Translators may be able to be organized.
You can send a request by email to:

Should you have any difficulty reaching the above institutions or finding a trainer for your exact needs, you can always email Eyes on Animals and we will do our best to assist you: