Famous Turkish theologian confirms thst stunning animals is not in contradiction with Muslim faith

Asalet from Eyes on Animals met with a famous Turkish theologian, Mustafa İslamoğlu, about the subject of animal slaughter with stunning. The obstacle in the Islamic world is whether stunning an animal prior to cutting his or her throat is Islamically acceptable. Since the theologians are reluctant to talk about the topic, animal suffering continues in the Islamic world. The thelogian Mustafa Islamoglu agreed with Asalet and said the stunning method is absolutely the best for animals and must be practiced in Islamic countries as stunning animals prior to cutting them reduces pain and terror. There is nothing in the Koran saying stunning is haram and that only slaughter of conscious animals by a knife is halal. Slaughter method has nothing to do with halal and haram. Halal simply means safe to eat. So if anyone is against stunning, or insists on specific slaughter methods only, it is because there is a financial interest or preference but it is not linked to religious requirements.