EonA gives online training on how to use a stunner to cattle abattoir personnel from Kahta, Turkey

Eyes on Animals gave another online training course to the butcher and manager of a Turkish slaughterhouse in south-east Turkey (near Kahta). It was too far away and expensive for us to get there physically but via video Asalet explained how the level of suffering animals endure in Turkish abattoirs needs to be reduced, and how crucial it is to render the animals first unconscious before hoisting them off the floor by one leg and cutting their throats. Stunners are still relatively unknown and not used in Turkey. Animals are regularly restrained, hoisted, tied, rotated and have their throats sliced all while fully alert. But we are slowly changing this. This abattoir near Kahta now also uses a stunner. We have so far successfully distributed and trained the use of stunners to over 10 abattoirs in Turkey.