Meeting with World Halal Union, Turkey

Today Eyes on Animals is in Bursa at the World Halal Union headquarters to meet with the director, Mr. Ahmet Gelir. The World Halal Union in a non-governmental organization that connects 52 Islamic countries worldwide and works on awareness and Halal certification. Our inspector, Asalet Sancakdaroglu, has been in contact with Dr. Gelir for over a year digitally. Today they could finally get together in person to discuss how animals suffer very badly during slaughter without stunning and the specific problems in slaughterhouses in Turkey.

The conversation was very friendly and recorded in its entirety. We will be releasing it shortly. After so much email contact with Asalet providing pertinent information on animal-welfare, Mr. Ahmet Gelir also sees the possibility of stunning animals before slaughter being accepted by the Islamic world in the near future. However, he would feel more comfortable if the Turkish government conducted a test to examine the effect of captive bolt stunning. Despite such tests already existing, the Islamic world would likely be more receptive of such a fundamental change to their traditional way of slaughter if the test was conducted by Islamic scientists on the territory of Turkey. European-based scientists could also participate to help ensure that accurate parameters are used in the tests.We will remain in contact with him and keep urging the World Halal Union to treat this subject with urgency.