Meeting and presentation on animal welfare concerns during slaughter with Et Süt in Turkey

Eyes on Animals’ inspector in Turkey, Asalet Sancakdaroglu, and Professor Mrs. Duygu Dalgın held an important meeting with Et Süt (Meat and Dairy) Kurumu in Ankara. They are a government body and oversee meat and dairy sales in throughout the country. During this meeting, Asalet gave a presentation on our years of visiting Turkish cattle and sheep slaughterhouses and the serious animal suffering observed in them. We informed them how a captive bolt pistol works to render animals unconscious before the incredibly painful procedures of hoisting and throat cutting. We showed them videos of us training Turkish butchers to use them and the difference they make. These devices are not very well known in Turkey, and many want to know how they function and whether the animal is killed or only rendered unconscious. Additionally, they wondered if it is acceptable in Islamic regions and if there are any (Halal) religious obstacles.

EonA’s years of experience,scientific results, and insights from Islamic scholars accepting stunners and even promoting better welfare were shared. The discussion was highly successful, involving a mutual exchange of opinions. We hope that captive bolt stunners will now be better understood, accepted and used more extensively in Islamic countries, like Turkey. We appreciate Et Süt Kurumu Ankara for their warm hospitality and willingness to learn and curiosity. We are aware that there may be obstacles, as stunning is still, wrongly, considered taboo during “Halal” slaughter but we are confident that they can overcome these false taboos. We look forward to further cooperation.