Meat shop in Samsun (Turkey) equipped with stunner to use on lambs they slaughter

Today Eyes on Animalse met with the owner of Nebyan Meat company and the vet, Mr. Ali. Professor Dr. Duygu Dalgın (director of Acisiz Kesim ngo in Turkey) is also present. Nebyan Meat supports the idea of pre-stunning animals for halal as animals suffer much less when first rendered unconscious. They want to use captive bolt stunning to its full extent. Today we gave them a stunner that they will use on the animals they slaughter for their meat shop. They do not have their own slaughterhouse but slaughter many lambs every week in various cities in Turkey. The veterinarian, Mr. Ali, will always carry the stunner with him and send us films showing it in use so we can make sure all is going well. They are fully committed. We showed them how to use the stunner safely and correctly and how to maintain it.