Follow-up inspection of Kurucay slaughterhouse in Bolu, Turkey

Today the EonA/AWF team and Dr. Ellen Eser from BSI Schwarzenbek did a follow-up inspection of Kurucay slaughterhouse. The team had inspected this plant for the first time in October 2014 and had many concerns about the installations and design of the equipment used. We had sent them our report and training material, indicating what steps they could take to improve animal welfare.


We were pleasantly surprised today to find that they had made two important improvements. They made the entire raceway with solid sides now, to prevent the animals from seeing negative distractions and ease movement forward. When animals are calmer and know where to move, they are less stressed and the workers use less shouting and prodding to handle them. Solid-sides also prevent that animals get their legs caught and injured. They also no longer fully hoist cattle off the floor before cutting their neck, but rather keep the head, shoulder and part of the flank on the ground. This at least reduces the amount of time the bovine hangs by one leg while fully conscious.


There are more improvements needed, and the trip-floor box requiring hoisting must be replaced by an appropriate restraint box, but we will continue working with them and are very pleased with their active cooperation so far. They can be proud of this beginning.