EonA interviewed extensively on Turkish television

Asalet, our inspector and trainer in Turkey for Eyes on Animals, was on BR TV in Turkey last night, together with a colleague from HAYTAP. Asalet explained his work at reducing animal suffering inside slaughterhouses and teaching the use of stunners to phase out the slaughter of fully conscious and sentient animals. He says a stunner like a captive bolt can at least make the animal unconscious and thus insensitive to the pain of being tethered, shackled and having the throat cut. EonA, together with HAYTAP are trying to educate the Turkish public about how animals are being slaughterd for “Halal” and the urgent need for reform, to be better in line with the essence of the Muslim faith which is one that promotes reducing animal suffering wherever possible. The entire show was 36-minutes long but you can watch HERE a 5-minute clip.