Ayguler slaughterhouse has a Gimdes Halal certificate despite horrible animal suffering!

The conditions inside Ayguler slaughterhouse in Kazan are some of the worst that we have ever seen in Turkey. Not only is the equipment and design of the plant causing all sorts of cattle to slip, fall, panic and get injured, but the handling of the animals is brutal. They are repeatedly electric prodded, hoisted fully off the floor, left hanging for minutes by one leg, and despite them screaming out in pain, completely ignored until the butcher is ready, with a small knife, to attempt to open the throat and drain the blood. Often 3-5 cuts have to be made. Please see VIDEO footage of inside this plant.

We are horrified and shocked that GIMDES Halal certification company in Turkey approved this slaughterhouse in 2015 and gave it a Halal certification. We seriously question their audits and competency. We have contacted Gimdes who responded that the plant has been improved but then shortly thereafter said the plant’s certification is revoked now. On the Ayguler website, one can still find the Gimdes Halal certificate. Please see: http://www.ayguler.com.tr/sertifikalar.htm.