Animal-welfare meeting at Küresel abattoir in Turkey

We met with a representative from the Turkish national animal-welfare NGO Haytap. Her name is Mrs. Ayten Tokgöz. Together we drove to the Küresel Et slaughterhouse. Here, we met with the state veterinarians and those working in the slaughterhouse. We provided on-site training on how to reduce some of the suffering during restraint and slaughter and how to render animals unconscious prior to cutting their throat by using a stunner. They promised to read through our welfare materials and check our website. Afterwards, they will express their opinions. It was a beginning, as always, for these people who have not yet been exposed to new animal-welfare ideas or captive bolt stunners. We hope though that in the near future, they will not be against stunning but in favour of it, and also apply more humane handling techniques.